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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/14/2008 Dr. Mark Papich North Carolina State University New Drugs for 2008 and Common Drug Therapy Myths and Misconceptions
10/22/2008 Dr. Colin Harvey University of Pennsylvania Feline Stomatitis
11/19/2008 Dr. Kenneth Drobatz University of Pennsylvania Approach to the Emergency Patient
01/14/2009 MEETING CANCELLED   [no file] 
02/25/2009 Dr. Karen Rhodes Riverdale Veterinary Dermatology Facial and Otic Dermatoses & Otitis Externa/Media
03/28/2009 Dr. Joe Bartges University of Tennessee Urine Heaven
04/15/2009 Dr. Margie Scherk Cats Only Veterinary Clinic That Skinny Older Cat: An Overview of Healthcare Management in the Aging Cat
05/20/2009 Dr. Ilana Reisner University of Pennsylvania Canine Aggression to Children: Epidemiology, Prevention and Management
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