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Notes for 2009-2010

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/16/2009 Dr. Philip Bergman BrightHeart Veterinary Centers Top 10 Recent Advances in Veterinary Oncology
09/16/2009 Dr. Philip Bergman BrightHeart Veterinary Centers Canine Mast Cell Tumors: Margins, Markers & Prognostic Factors
10/21/2009 Dr. Terry Zachos Michigan State University What is Stem Cell Therapy and How Does it Help Orthopaedic Patients?
11/18/2009 Dr. Andrea Looney Cornell University Pearls of Pain Management
12/23/2009 NO MEETING   [no file] 
01/27/2010 Dr. Sydney Moise Cornell University Topic: Cardiology
02/17/2010 Dr. Ari Jutkowitz Michigan State University Topic: IMHA/ITP
03/14/2010 Dr. Gary Oswald Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists Spring Seminar:Medical management of GI diseases in dogs and cats
03/14/2010 Dr. Howard Seim Colorado State University Spring Seminar:Surgical management of GI diseases in dogs and cats
03/24/2010 Dr. Alice Wolf VIN/Texas A&M Viral Skin Diseases of Cats and Emerging Infectious Diseases of Cats
04/21/2010 Dr. Jackie Davidson Texas A & M University Topic: Rehabilitation
05/19/2010 Dr Linda Shell Consultant, Antech, VIN Dyskinesias: involuntary movement disorders, tremors, and
06/16/2010 Dr. Kristina Vygantas NorthStar VETS Management of Corneal Ulcers
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