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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/15/2010 Terah Webb, DVM, Dip, ACVO "Ulcers: To Grid or Not to Grid and Uveitis"
10/20/2010 Curtis Dewey Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Cornell University Chiari-like malformations AND Management of seizures
11/17/2010 Eric Glass Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Cranial Nerve Anatomy and Clinical Importance
01/19/2011 Lisa Weeth Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Nutrition 101: Basics for the Busy Veterinarian
02/16/2011 Terry Fossum College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University GDV - What's new & Coolest new things in veterinary medicine
03/16/2011 Judy St. Leger Sea World Marine Mammal Medicine - more than just a fun topic for parties
04/03/2011 Dr. Gary Ellison University of Florida Spring Seminar: Topics in Soft Tissue Surgery [no file] 
04/03/2011 Dr. Luisito Pablo University of Florida Spring Seminar: Topics in Anesthesia/Pain Management
04/20/2011 Dr. Justine Lee Pet Poison Helpline "Twenty Toxic Titans"
05/18/2011 Vic Rendano Veterinary Multi Imaging How could I have missed that lesion-true confessions of a veterinary radiologist"; "Radiation safety in the digital radiology world-what others are not telling you"; and "What is your diagnosis?"
06/22/2011 Terri Defrancesco NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine Management of Congestive Heart Failure; and Management of Heart Disease Before Congestive Heart Failure
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