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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/19/2012 Dr. Melinda D. Merck Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC Veterinary Forensic Medicine: Recognition and Documentation
10/17/2012 Dr. Don E. Beebe Apex Dog And Cat Dentistry-VRCC, Englewood, Colorado Myths and Misconceptions of Veterinary Dentistry
11/14/2012 Dr. Neal Mauldin Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre-Calgary New Frontiers in Veterinary Radiotherapy: Life in the Age of Star Trek
01/16/2013 Dr. Brian C. Gilger Professor of Ophthalmology-North Carolina State University Pathogenic Mechanisms of Uveitis
02/20/2013 Dr. Amir Shanan Compassionate Veterinary Care and Compassionate Veterinary Hospice (Chicago,IL) Animal Hospice and Palliative Care - Emerging Concepts and Practices
03/20/2013 Dr. David Bruyette VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs
04/17/2013 Dr. Charlotte LaCroix Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc. Managing Risk In Practice (2 Parts)
05/15/2013 Dr. Jody Lulich University of Minnesota The Urinalysis in Health and Disease
06/19/2013 Dr. David Biller Kansas State University Revisiting Old Radiographic Techniques
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