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Notes for 2014-2015

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/17/2014 Dr. James Noxon Problems and Solutions in Dermatology and Otology
10/22/2014 Dr. Lynne M. Seibert North Georgia Veterinary Specialists Medication Strategies Behavior Patients
11/19/2014 Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro Cornell University Veterinary Specialists Cases You Hate to See Come Through the Door
01/28/2015 Dr. Chris Mariani Seize the Day: Management of Routine & Difficult to Control Epileptics
02/18/2015 Dr. Ira Luskin Animal Dental Center/Animal Dental Training Center Many Faces of Oral Disease & ATP of Maxillo-Facial Lumps & Bumps
03/18/2015 Dr. Donna Raditic University of Tennessee A Joint Effort, Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, and Osteoarthritis
04/15/2015 Dr. Dennis O'Brien University Of Missouri Hereditary Neurologic Diseases
05/20/2015 Dr. David Holt University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Urinary Tract Emergencies
06/17/2015 Dr. Rhett Nichols Internal Medicine & Endocrinology Consultant Antech Atypical Cushing's Disease: Is it Really Atypical?
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