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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/16/2015 Dr. Laura Garrett University of Illinois I have patience for my patients
10/21/2015 Dr. Ray Kudej Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and Adjunct Associate Professor Rutgers NJ Medical School in Newark Surgical Endocrine Diseases: Diagnostics to Outcomes
11/18/2015 Dr. Chick Weisse Animal Medical Center IR or the OR? How Interventional Radiology can help your Patients
01/13/2016 Dr. Curt Dewey Cornell Clinical Neurology Topics in dogs and Cats
02/17/2016 David Cerchio and Dan Sommers The Preferred Client Group Small Business Owners: Retirement Planning
03/16/2016 Dr. Steven Marks Clinical Professor of Emergency & Internal Medicine NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine Selected Emergency & Critical Care Procedures [no file] 
04/20/2016 Dr. Lydia Love Animal Emergency & Referral Associates, Fairfield, NJ Anesthesia and Critical Events Manual
05/18/2016 Dr. Leslie Sharkey University of Minnesota Clinical Pathology Challenges
06/15/2016 Dr. Justine Lee VETgirl Top 15 Poisons Affecting Dogs & Cats
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