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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/21/2016 Dr. Rod Rosychuk Colorado State University Newer Therapies in Veterinary Dermatology: A Dermatologic "Potpourri"
10/12/2016 Dr. Greg Grauer Kansas State University The Importance of Hypertension and Proteinuria AND ACE-I: the good, bad, and ugly
11/16/2016 Dr. Neal Mauldin Chief Medical Officer PetCure Advances in Veterinary Radiation Oncology [no file] 
01/18/2017 Dr. Nicola Mason University of Pennsylvania Clinical Advances in Osteosarcoma Immunotherapy: Is the Cure within Reach?
02/15/2017 Dr. Philip Fox AMC Radiography and Chest Imaging: the coughing and dyspneic patient
03/15/2017 Dr. Leah Cohn University of Missouri A Pattern Based Approach to Respiratory Distress: Illustrative Cases
04/19/2017 Dr. Dennis Brooks Professor Emeritus of Ophthamology University of Florida Nonulcerative Keratopathies of Dogs and Cats
04/19/2017 Dennis Brooks DVM Professor Emeritus of Ophthamology University of Florida How to Use a Smartphone Camera for Ocular Photography in the Dog and Cat
05/17/2017 Dr. Anthony Fischetti Animal Medical Center Complementary Diagnostic Imaging:Using Radiology & Ultrasound in Everyday Veterinary Practice
06/21/2017 Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman Professor Emeritus Tufts University Canine Aggression
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