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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Notes
09/27/2017 Dr. Cailin Heinze Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Topic: Raw vs Homemade vs Commercial Diets
10/18/2017 Mary Buelow Topic: Oral Pathology and Dental Radiography- an interactive lecture-
11/15/2017 Margie Scherk Topic: Feline Medicine
01/17/2018 Marjory Brooks Cornell Topic: Coagulation Conundrums: Hemostatic Disorders Dx & Tx
01/17/2018 Marjory Brooks DVM Topic: Additional notes
02/21/2018 David Dycus Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group Brace Yourself: The Role of Orthotics in Cruciate Disease
03/21/2018 Doug DeBoer University of Wisconsin Topic: Dermatology
04/18/2018 Ralph Harvey University of Tennessee Reducing Fear, Stress, and Pain in Anesthesia Benefits Everyone
05/16/2018 Jody Lulich University of Minnesota To Peep or not to Peep: What Veterinarians need in their Urinary Toolbox
06/20/2018 Ben O'Kelley Veterinary Speciality Hospital of the Carolinas Seeing Shock-How to Identify Patients Requiring Resuscitation
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